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2016 dm 50 day running/abs streak challenge

get toned and make it easier to breathe!

The Challenge: We’ve done the mile a day 50 day streak, the 100 day streak, the one year streak. Now, on to bigger challenges.

The logical next move would be just two miles a day, but you all know I’m not that predictable.  Running is great, but it’s not enough.  Many of you supplement it with a trainer and/or weightlifting, yet whenever we do abs, it’s somewhat of a struggle.

Strong abdominals make running easier, as your breathing won’t feel as labored and you will encounter less side stitches and cramps. Strong abs and core also help prevent you feeling like you were kicked in the stomach while running. That being said, we will start from scratch. Some of you will be ahead of the game on these, some will be challenged for a while. 

We are continuing to run at least 1 mile a day every day for 50 days.

To complete the full challenge, you will need to supplement it with x number of abs per day. See schedule below--starts Monday, July 4. You have until September 3 to finish this particular streak.

  • Week 1 - Days 1-7: 50 abs of your choice per day
  • Week 2 - Days 8-14: 75 abs of your choice per day
  • Week 3 - Days 15-21: 100 abs of your choice per day
  • Week 4 - Days 22-28: 125 abs of your choice per day
  • Week 5 - Days 29-35: 150 abs of your choice per day
  • Week 6 - Days 36- 42: 175 abs of your choice per day
  • Week 7 - Days 43-49: 200 abs of your choice per day
  • Day 50 - 250 abs of your choice per day

Don’t get stuck only doing what you’re good at or a routine. Once an area of your core is strong, you’ll need to challenge other areas.  Move on to areas where you struggle. Some weeks, I will introduce an activity for you to work on mastering throughout the streak. It’s always OK to do more abs than prescribed, by the way. 

Here’s a great video workout for your abs: It’s from the P90x series, the one I use. You can watch them on your family laptop, video game console (PS4, Xbox) or smart TV via YouTube. Pause it once you’ve seen how to do the exercise you’ve chosen (there are about 11 of them) and crank out as many as you can handle. There are countless videos from which to choose.

If those don’t suit you, find a 10 minute workout on YouTube that challenges you. Count how many reps the video has you do and you’ll know in advance so you won’t have to count anymore.