Coach Flash is not your typical running coach. Yes, he provides everything any running coach can provide, such as training plans, individualized workouts, 1:1 training, communication and feedback; however, Coach Flash goes above and beyond all of that. Coach Flash really takes the time to get know his athletes to determine what motivates them. He then uses this information to help good athletes become better athletes.
There are not enough positive words to describe Flash Santoro. Dedicated, personable, motivating, inspiring, and of course, knowledgeable. My family has known Flash since 2013; however, it wasn’t until 2015 when we first hired him as coach. We have two children and he has had the opportunity to coach both of them. Our daughter (8th grade at the time) was the first one he coached, but ultimately, she decided running wasn’t for her.
Later that summer, our 10th grade son, was beginning to talk about wanting to go to college for running. We knew Flash had experience in this area because in addition to being a private running coach, he was also a coach at Mesa Community College. Hiring him to coach our son was the best decision we made for him during high school. In addition to coaching, he was an invaluable resource during the college application process. He was a confidant for, as well as a conscience and cheerleader. Today, our son runs at a Division 1 university, competing in the 1500M, 3K, 5K, 8K, 10K, and Steeplechase. We do not believe he would be where he is today without the coaching, support and dedication from Coach Flash. We cannot thank Coach Flash enough for all he has given both of our kids. Coach Flash is a phenomenal coach and person. He will always be a part of our running family.
If you are looking for a coach who inspires, has high expectations, and sees the potential in you, then look no further. Coach Flash is the coach for you! He is truly a one of a kind coach!
Thank you for everything, Coach Flash!

The Mychajlonka Family 2015-2019

It has almost been a year since I decided to go to a run coach for help.
I have achieved more than I ever could have hoped for. Coach Flash has the patience of a saint. 
I always dreamed of being a coached runner. I knew my form was way off making my speed and efficiency lacking as well. When I was finally ready to seek help, I knew I was going to have to put a lot of work in to be able to achieve my goals.  
 After just 2 months of training with Flash, my half marathon time went from a 2:07.25 to a time of 1:59.13 His training methods work and one training cycle builds upon the next. The quality workouts are challenging, but fun, exhilarating and boost confidence on race day. The easy days are truly easy. I have learned so much and continue to learn from him daily. I recommend coach Flash to everyone I meet, he is an amazing coach and an even more amazing friend! 
Coach Flash has done wonders for my running. My weekly workouts are thoughtful, directed and specific. Before working with him, I logged many "training miles" that were, in reality, many ambiguous miles. I ran often, however I was doing very little to accelerate my performance. I had a vague idea of how to work in tempo, interval, recovery and long run were but lacked the understanding of what paces, distance and frequency I should be completing these runs. By following a professionally constructed schedule I have set significant PR's in every distance I have raced. I am a healthier runner and because of Flash's experience and advice, I have sidestepped injuries that would have likely interrupted my training. Most importantly, I have gained confidence, and confidence is priceless when you are lining up at the start line! 
Carol Douglass, 2018-2019

Coach Flash has really helped me improve as a runner.  For everyone he works with, he takes the time to analyze their running style and help them make the changes to be a faster and more efficient runners.  This year, with a combination of personalized foot strike analysis and adjustments, speed work, tempo runs, and strength training, I have really increased my race times and decreased the pain I had felt previously after races.  In fact this year, thanks to Flash’s training, I shaved over 5 minutes off my previous PR in a Half Marathon and 2:30 minutes off my PR in a 10K!  I have only been running for about 6 years but at age 55, it is not too late for improvement with good coaching.  Thanks for everything, Flash!
Mark Kirkeeng​, 2016-2022

Coach Flash has made me a runner. His passion for and commitment to running and his athletes, no matter their age or fitness level, is unmatched. For 7 years he has encouraged and pushed me, making me a better, faster, healthier runner.
Kristin Halsted, 2014-2022

I have not been a life long runner, I started at 50 to try something new & to join my husband in running races in different parts of the country.  I ran alone for 4 yrs before hearing about Flash. 

Since I’ve been coached by Flash (6yrs), I have had some incredible experiences, made great friends & taken amazing amounts of time off my race times.  He is encouraging and knowledgeable.   He wants everyone to improve no matter where their starting point is. 
Katherine Beatty, 2013-2019

Since I’ve joined the Distance Mama’s Running Club on December 9, 2017, my life has positively and dramatically changed for the better! I love the running group. What a remarkable, encouraging, uplifting, strong, kind and hilarious group of women. Monica Hedeby brought me to my first practice which was at The Premium Outlet Mall. We ran a 5K. I’m not sure what my time was but I know it wasn’t very fast. Exactly a year later, to the day, I ran the Scottsdale 5K and PR’d. I ran out of my comfort zone, and with the help of Carolyn Dennison, I finished strong and medaled.
I’ve run a few half marathons and my fastest was 2:01:50 in 2016. My goal is to get under 2 hours. I have some half’s coming up and who knows what will happen. What I do know is that I’ve gotten stronger and faster physically, and I’ve gotten stronger mentally, both in my running and whatever life brings my way, thanks to you, Flash and all the beautiful women that make up the Distance Mamas. 
Gloria Kalstrom, Distance Mamas 2017-2019

Coach Flash and the Distance Mamas group continually keep me inspired to be the best athlete that I can be. I didn't think of myself as an athlete, or a "real" runner, until I started under the tutelage of Coach Flash even though I have been running for almost 20 years. He knows my potential and has laid out a training plan to help me reach my goals in a respectful yet challenging manner. I have improved my mile pace by several minutes and corrected my running form to be more efficient. His guidance has helped create a fantastic group of fiercely loyal friends.
Laura Hertzler, Distance Mamas 2015-2022

​Thank you for being an awesome coach. The time you take to get me back in 5k race shape has been invaluable!
Maria Pugliese, 2017

You have been a joy to get to know and I credit you for helping to save my life and mind! I have loved running and thank you for your wonderful wit and expertise!

Kristi Kobashi, 2017

Coach Flash and his group are the reasons I keep on running. He keeps me focused, through good times and bad; he teaches me correct form so I can be efficient using my energy; and most of all, he keeps it FUN!  I am an old lady runner, in the 70-74 category, and he always encourages me to stay in the present, running with a strong spirit. 
Carol Jean Kennedy, Distance Mamas Ahwatukee 2016

​Thank you for being an Awesome coach. You are so busy, yet still dedicated to coaching our team. You inspire me to work hard and not give up. Ever since I began training with you, my mindset has changed completely. I am positive and believe in myself and running. I look forward to high school!  
Dani Prasad, 2015

Thank you for mentoring me in running. I truly appreciate your skill set and guidance in helping to motivate me. 
Joann Riley Keller, 2015

We would highly recommend Flash to anyone looking to discover a love of running.  Our son Noah was new to running and after training with Flash for over 2 years, has found a passion for the sport, learned technique and strategy, and sparked his competitive spirit all while having fun.  Flash inspires and truly cares about each athlete.
Connie Werbelow, Summer and Winter Running Academies 2015-2016

From Middle School to Masters Marathon, Coach Flash has made a difference in the lives and running of his athletes. Here's what some of them have had to say over the years. 

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