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Coach Flash and his Distance Mamas group are the reasons I keep on running. He keeps me focused, through good times and bad; he teaches me correct form so I can be efficient using my energy; and most of all, he keeps it FUN!  I am an old lady runner, in the 70-74 category, and he always encourages me to stay in the present, running with a strong spirit. 

-Carol Jean Kennedy, Distance Mamas Ahwatukee 2016


We would highly recommend Flash to anyone looking to discover a love of running.  Our son was new to running and after training with Flash for over 2 years, has found a passion for the sport, learned technique and strategy, and sparked his competitive spirit all while having fun.  Flash inspires and truly cares about each athlete.

-Connie Werbelow, Summer and Winter Running Academies 2015-2016

Coach Flash and the Distance Mamas group continually keep me inspired to be the best athlete that I can be. I didn't think of myself as an athlete, or a "real" runner, until I started under the tutelage of Coach Flash even though I have been running for almost 20 years. He knows my potential and has laid out a training plan to help me reach my goals in a respectful yet challenging manner. I have improved my mile pace by several minutes and corrected my running form to be more efficient. 

-Laura Hertzler, Distance Mamas Ahwatukee 2016

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