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Purpose of the program: To introduce Seniors to the wonderful, welcoming sport of Masters Track and Field. To provide and foster a healthy, active lifestyle for men and women ages 50-100+. To encourage seniors to challenge themselves to achieve in a way they never imagined, in a safe, unassuming environment monitored by an experienced, professional coach. We will talk and set realistic, attainable goals to set each member up for success. 

Goals: To train members to eventually be fit enough to compete either locally, nationally or internationally (representing Team USA) after completing the proper training. Events training for: sprint events, middle/long distance events.

Who's it for?: All ability levels welcome. No prior experience in track and field is necessary, but those who have done it are encouraged to come out. Armed Forces Veterans welcome and encouraged. Retirees in senior living communities in Arizona often find this to be a worthwhile pastime. 

What to expect: Courteous, patient, professional coaching for all ability levels. We will do a fair amount of basic cardio at practice, within the realms of each individual’s fitness. You will learn about running form and economy, breathing techniques, later to explore jumping, hurdling and throwing techniques, based on interest level.  We will have from 5-8 meetings per month, depending on weather and scheduled competition days.

Requirements: You must be in good physical health, and provide written notice from a doctor that you are allowed to participate in activities involving cardiovascular exercise and light strength training. 

Cost of the program: $200 for initial 2-hr assessment. Thereafter, $160/mth for individual training, includes group workouts as well and three one-on-one 1 hour long sessions or two x 1.5 hour sessions per month. 

Additional expenses (optional): No one is required to compete, but that will be the goal of our training. Entering meets can cost anywhere from $10-$100, depending on the level of competition and number of events entered. Meet entries and travel expenses will be the sole responsibility of the person participating. Coach Flash, when needed, will offer assistance with navigating online entries, scheduling travel if an individual is not set up to pay online and no family member or friend is available to help. 

Some potential meets we will be training for 2023: 
Arizona Senior Games/AZ Senior Olympics, Sprint Pentathlon Series
USATF AZ State Championship, USATF Masters Outdoor Track & Field National Championship in North Carolina in July, USATF Masters Indoor Track & Field National Championship in Kentucky in March

Locations: We will practice at locations in, around and near Ahwatukee, which is considered Phoenix zip codes 85044, 85045, 85048

seniors track sprint and distance training program for ages 50+

all levels welcome!

Photo credits to Dave Albo and Rob D'avellar