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Running Coach for Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse 

Take your game to the next level! In order to be great at these three sports, running is a key component, and it's often overlooked and used as a punishment by closed-minded coaches, instead of part of regular training. Ultimately, this hurts the program and stifles the individual. Now, it's time to look at running as a means to becoming top dog, by being able to outrun and keep up with other players, whether they're fresh or tired, for the entire game.  More endurance equals more play time, and combine that with skill in the sport, and you're more likely to play the entire game and be looked at for leadership and scholarships. 


Video and frame-by-frame detailed analysis, review and critique of running form from front, sides and back, instruction on improvement, running drills, dynamic and static stretching, breathing, strength training, endurance for sports like soccer, basketball and lacrosse, which consist almost entirley of running. Plan on 3-5 sessions over 3 months to get the most out of it.  There's too much to cover in just one session, though you will learn a lot in 2 hours.
Individuals, one-time visit only: Required initial assessment is $200 for a 2 hour session.          

Individual sessions: ​$80 per hour