2016 dm 50 day running streak challenge

create a new you!

The  Rules:

  • Starts Sunday, May 8. You have until September 8 to complete your 50 day streak challenge.
  • 50 straight days of RUNNING a minimum of one mile per day
  • Mile may be split up into run/walk; it does not need to be consecutive running, but work toward it. 
  • If you aren’t currently able to run a mile without stopping, start with the run/walk and go until you’ve gotten a mile of total running. The walking doesn’t count toward the streak, but does count toward your daily mileage!  
  • Report your progress to the group. You may choose to share a screen shot from Garmin Connect.
  • You may run on a treadmill as a substitution for outdoors.

*You are required to take 5 days off at the end of your 50 day streak. The body craves a habit, but also craves recovery.  Charlotte is exempt, and not because she’s the girlfriend.Type your paragraph here.

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TRaining Systems

The Challenge: 

50 straight days of RUNNING a minimum of one mile per day.* Find a way to get yourself up and out there and continue to develop your cardiovascular fitness on a daily basis.

Get unlimited accountability from your closest friends on GroupMe and Facebook.

The idea is to get the body used to running every day while combatting adverse weather conditions and creating a healthy habit and healthier lifestyle. Aim for a building a new you!