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TRaining Systems

It's that time of year again when getting out to run in the heat can either be a chore, or a habit. That's right, folks! It's STREAKING time! Keep your running clothes on, though.  The streak is our annual "get through the summer" training we do to survive as runners in AZ. It takes the body about two weeks of consistent training in similar extreme conditions for it to adapt and be able to tolerate and perform in those conditions. The challenge is to run at least one mile per day for 50, 75 or 100 straight days. That's basically just 10 minutes of your day to get the day started right, complete with endorphins a-flowin' while the world's best-known stress reliever works its magic. 
Do I have to run it all at once? Ideally, yes. But for the challenge, no. It can be a mile of running total, interspersed with walking and hiking, etc. 

Why would I do this? The real question is, why wouldn't you? Besides, EVERYONE is doing it. 
-You go into it knowing that coach decides when your streak 
  ends; the streak doesn't trump your running health 
-1 mile total running is minimum/day, you'll do more on 
  team practice days, so do lower mileage on non-practice
-Don’t skip your workout/practice days with team
-Don't overdo daily mileage during the streak just to beat 
   Cheryl in the Apple watch competition
-Upon completion: Minimum days off (not negotiable)
    Rookie: 3, Veteran: 5, Die Hard: 7 
-All mileage must be completed before 11:59PM for it to
    count for that day.
-Don't begin the streak if you don't agree to all the rules. 

2019 streak running challenge

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Start Date: Monday, May 20

The last day to start the Summer 2019 100 day Streak Challenge will be Thursday, May 23. 

All streaks must be completed by August 31. If you complete a 50 day one, you may take the appropriate time off and start another, which won't be quite as long.