​​​​What it will provide

  • Professional coaching
  • Lifelong friends, training partners, fellow women with whom to bond
  • Women-only training during the weekdays, combined with other Pacemakers runners Saturdays
  • An organized group run or workout designed to challenge you in ways you wouldn't do alone 
  • Workouts are specific to your ability and current fitness, NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED
  • Workouts are 3 days per week, and include a speedy, short workout, a longer tempo or endurance workout, and a long run with pick-ups, or will focus on running economy, form and breathing
  • Like-minded people with whom to train and keep accountable
  • A safe, positive, encouraging and unassuming atmosphere
  • Help with improving your running economy
  • Training plans for races of various distances throughout the years
  • A healthy lifestyle that gets you in the best physical shape you can be in for your age, giving you a chance at more enjoyable years on the planet with your family
  • Continued opportunities to do an activity you enjoy in a setting designed to keep you challenged
  • It's your chance to take out your stress from a long day and for you get in touch with your shorter distance self! 

Choose the pricing best for you and your desired level of fitness! What is YOUR fitness worth to you? 

$15/class - Drop-In Whenever You Want 
Classic rates are back. Can't commit to showing up regularly? This option gives you the autonomy ​you want in your running workout schedule. If you plan on coming 3x in one month, then check out the next plan below to save $$! 
Attend any RunChallenge OR RunStrength class, cash, PayPal, Apple Pay or Venmo accepted for Drop-in

$40/mth - The Runner*
Come to any or all running workouts Tuesdays or Saturdays. Tuesday mornings are Ladies ONLY!
(commitment required: Auto-renewed monthly for 12 months, January-December) PayPal or automatic payments required. Need 30 days advance notice to cancel.

$55/mth - The Stronger Runner* Come to any or all RunChallenge workouts and RunStrength training workouts, or come to 3 days a week of RunChallenge runs. 
(commitment required: auto-renewed monthly for 12 months, January-December). PayPal or automatic payments required.  Need 30 days advance notice to cancel. 

​​$150/mth - The Total Transformation Membership Plan* 
Come to any or all RunChallenge or RunStrength workouts, PLUS 3x one hour per week one-on-one training/follow-up sessions with Coach Flash. 

(commitment required: auto-renewed monthly for 12 months, January-December). PayPal or automatic payments required.  Need 30 days advance notice to cancel. 


Meeting times for PaceMakers RunStrength classes:

Mondays 5:45-6:15 AM at Desert Foothills Park in Ahwatukee

Thursdays 5:45-6:15 AM at Desert Foothills Park in Ahwatukee

*The fine print: Monthly commitment required for The Runner, The Stronger Runner and the Total Transformation Plan. The Plan will auto-renew each month for 12 months, and is available from January to July to accommodate those that wish to re-join FAST's running group each year.  Member agrees to pay the monthly fee for 12 months, with the understanding that the plan can only be cancelled by giving Coach Flash a written/texted 30 day's notice.  If someone wishes to make a change their Membership plan, they may do so up to once a year by giving Coach Flash a texted 30 day's notice.  PayPal account or other automatically generated monthly payment service required to join.  If Member wishes to upgrade, must notify Coach Flash by text. In subscribing to my plan of choice,

Member acknowledges and accept that Coach Flash will be competing at various competitions locally, Nationally and Worldwide, and may be absent for as many as 18 classes in a year’s time. In some scenarios, practice will consist of a workout that will be done without the assistance of Coach Flash, or with a substitute coach or captain, but the workout will be provided for the group to do. In rare cases of really bad weather, practice may be cancelled or postponed. Member willingly accepts this monthly charge, knowing they might encounter an illness, injury or go on vacation. I know that they are under no obligation to show up for as many classes being held each month, and accept that there are no refunds for missed classes. Missed classes do not carry over from one month to the next.

Meeting times for PaceMakers RunChallenge classes: 

Tuesdays (Lady PaceMakers - ladies only) 5:45-6:45 AM (April-November), 6:15-7:00 colder months. (December - March)

Tuesdays (Tuesday Night Hurt - co-ed) 6:30-7:30 PM at Mt Pointe High School or nearby

Thursdays (Tempo Thursday) 6:20-7:00 AM at Desert Foothills Park in Ahwatukee​. Ladies gather for easy run or tempo run.
Saturdays (Weekend Workout - coed) meet within an hour of sunrise, times and locations vary throughout the year. 


2-3 days a week of practice for this group

Desert Foothills Park, 1010 Marketplace Way SW, Phoenix, AZ 85048
Sun Ray Park
Ahwatukee YMCA

Tempe YMCA

Safeway Desert Foothills Parkway/Chandler Blvd


  • Things you wouldn't challenge yourself to do on your own that will improve your running 
  • Various distances on dirt, grass, sidewalk, road, track
  • Individualized pacing combined with group setting
  • Designed to challenge every person in their own way
  • Positive, encouraging, fun
  • Will usually sting for a few days afterward, but in a good way

Updates (location changes, cancellations, times):​
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