2024 Middle/high school SUMMER RUNNING academy

For over 20 years, Coach Flash has held numerous running camps and clinics and this year's is right around the corner. The 2024 Summer Running Academy is designed to get athletes in shape for their respective upcoming sports (lacrosse, soccer, basketball, football, cross country, track), as well as learn how to run faster and more efficiently, have fun with running, play some games, gain strength, build confidence and self-esteem and learn how to make running their lifestyle, no matter what the inherent ability. All this and more from Arizona's world-ranked coach and distance runner that still trains and competes himself. 

Who's it for?

Individuals ages 10 and up.

Primary focus is for Middle Schoolers training for cross country and/or track (400m and up), and High Schoolers looking to gain a competitive advantage and improve their running in those sports.

Anyone who wishes to achieve greater fitness and/or a better knowledge of running and how it helps with every aspect of life. 

Days and times and location:
6:15 AM - 7:30 AM at Desert Foothills Park 1010 Marketplace Way SW, Phoenix, AZ 85048 

The 2024 Summer Running Academy will begin in June of 2024. It will take place on Monday, Wednesday, Friday each week, unless otherwise noted, indicated by a *. 

Session 1: June ​3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 14

Session 2: June 17, 19, 21, 24, 26, 28

​Session 3: July 23*, 24, 26, 29, 31, August 2 July 23 is a Tuesday. Due to school starting, classes in Session 3 will be from 6 AM to 7:15 AM.


  • $75 per session (6 classes per session, 2 week sessions)
  • $40 per week (3 classes per week)
  • $15 per drop-in class
  • One-on-one classes starting at $75 per hour (recommended only for those wanting to train to really improve running form and/or become high-achieving athletes)


  • Discount for Cash payment for entire session - $70 (save $5) ​

Athlete improvement from training with Coach Flash

Athlete NameBeforeDuringAccomplishments during training with Coach Flash
Sammy Van Alstine1.5 miles in 9:10, 1600m in 5:45, 800m in 2:251.5 miles in 7:39.8, 1600m in 4:41, 800m in 2:102x Kyrene District Cross Country Champion, 2x Kyrene District 800m & 1600m Champion, District record holder 1600m and cross country, Desert Twilight Middle School Champion
Josh Blodgett1.5 miles in 10:06
1.5 miles in 9:04
Kyrene District Cross Country Champion, Kyrene District 800m Champion
Tyler Tisinger1.5 miles in  , 1600m in 5:51, 800m in 2:44
1.5 miles in  1600m in 4:54, 800m in 2:18 middle school, then 1:52 in high school
Kyrene District 1600m runner-up, ranked #4 in Arizona 800m 2023.
Nolan Billeter1.5 miles in 9:00+
1.5 miles in 8:06
Kyrene District XC Champion
Kanon Ienaga1.5 miles in  11:00+1.5 miles in 9:37

Kyrene District XC 3rd place

Mason Klann1.5 miles in 10:30+, 1600m in 6:00+1.5 miles in 8:46, 1600m in 5:12Kyrene District XC 4th place
Ethan Mychajlonka5k in 17:36 , 3200m in 11:215k in 15:36, 3200m in 9:29, 1600m in 4:25Chandler City Meet Champion, 8th in Division 1 3200m



Marathon in 3:44, 1/2 Marathon in 1:41Marathon in 3:33.11, 1/2 Marathon in 1:35

Massive PRs every distance. Silver medalist W45 5000m at the USATF Masters Outdoor Track & Field National Championship  Ames, Iowa

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