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Get what you need from someone who knows how to provide it. 

I specialize in working with athletes ages 10 through adult. I offer training for youth, as well as a year-round training team for adults. I welcome all area athletes to join me all throughout the year for fun, guided training. 

You'll have a lot to think about after a workout, as I put an emphasis on proper form, consistency, making time for yourself, goal setting, dedication, a positive attitude and doing all the extras.

I've been coaching runners and giving back to the sport I love since 1994. My coaching is based on a commitment to the principles of a can-do, positive attitude.

My hands-on, run with my athletes, low-mileage coaching style is a result of the 30 years of experience I've had as a competitive runner in high school, college, Open and Masters Competition at the National and World levels.  

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